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We collect informations about D9 that we find on the web and we publish here on this Blog!

D9 CLUBE is based on sports trading and D9 CLUB is a School of Sports Trading and offer you TRAINING COURSER to learn how to do Sports Trading!

D9 Clube born in Brazil in January 2016, while the 7 September there was the European launch and now they are bringing D9 in Africa – Thailand and more and more countries worldwide.

D9 CLUBE offer to their affiliates different packs that give you access to training courses that you can sell. D9 CLUBE to advertise use the network marketing, the most industry in the world.

“ The sports trading is the exchange of sports betting between sport trader within the Exchange Betting 

Below other information useful to know about D9 CLUB

Who is D9 Clube

This is a group of people of broad vision, focusing on entrepreneurship digital, that together search financial independence, a better quality of life working time flexibility for all our members and their families.


Our mission is that of forming the best professionals of Trading Sports in the world but also to teach people to have an alternative of extra income by direct investment in sports bag, such as Betfair.


E-Learning exploits the use of platforms of advanced training, distance , where members have the opportunity to learn from anywhere they are found. You need only have a pc, tablet or Smartphone with access to the internet.


The most and important bookmaker of the world;

-100% credibility in the market;

-Easy to use;

-Possibility of bets in a determined result;

-Covers all sporting events existing;

-The odds have the function of actions: Buying and selling;


• Modules with various video-classrooms;

• Quiz – Questions and answers;

• Help by qualified teachers;

• Statistics on yield;

• certificate after completing the course;

• interactive forum between students;

• D9 Auditorium – system to be able to perform live webinars.


• Immediate solution of compensation for students;

• two options:

– simple interest (average gains of 2 % for every banking business day);

– Compound Interest (average gains of 5 % for every banking business day)

D9 CLUBE ADDRESSAv. Antônio de Goes, 275 – Pina, Recife – PE, 51110-000, Brazil



D9 CLUBE FORUM (please help answer questions of other members!!!) 


IMPORTANT: this is not D9 CLUBE Official Website, but only a Guide, Blog, News and Forum !!! 

We collect informations about D9 that we find on the web and we publish here on this Blog!


  • shin

    Goooosh! D9 owesome.!!!

    Nettler or Skill is not familier to me. We like bitcoin.

    Would You Let me know How I buy package with Bitcoin?

    • Sikujua

      Is this a kind of pyramid schemes? is it not as good as TelexFree?

    • Jackie

      Hello I have my account ready but I forget my password can some one of administrator here can help me to get it back

      • Damas

        Just open your email, which I hope you remember the password, then find your d9 old emails. Password is normally sent to email during opening the d9 account

        • Nice reply Damas.


          My name is Paul. I too, operate an information only D9club website.

          We are all looking for some answers.

          Kindest regards,


    • Steiner Leon

      Hello I am steiner are you in d9. It is working so far?

    • Moses

      Dear Amin,
      For the last few days payments have been delayed, is there a problem with the system. Also grateful if D9 clube could communicate to the different leaders whatsapp group . Your response is also very to client tickets. As an International company that deals with clients and peoples investments its imperative that u setup a responsive support desk to answer all queries of clients.


    • Hi D9 change the rules and is getting worse. But I invite you to watch the company who is beating D9: Please visit : and compare. I suggest start becoming be part
      of this platform as soon is possible to make money FOR LONG TERM.- SECURE AND FASTER AS 2 DAYS TO ENJOY YOUR EARNINGS. THE COMPANY NAME IS i7 Group.

      • José

        El D9 es un fraude ponzy scam pyramid scheme y el I 7 también son engaños hechos en Brasil para lavar dinero del narcotráfico brasileño y robar después el de nosotros los emprendedores

        • José

          El D9 no tiene ningún acción en las bolsas de Brasil elI7 tampoco no son trading deportivo no tienen ninguna relación legal con betfair ni ninguna bolsas deportivo en ningún lado son unos ladrones engañadores expertos en internet y computadoras, pastores evangélicos renegados que sirven como medio ideología y para convenser a los emprendedores con palabras bonitas de dinero fácil.

        • Jose writes:

          The D9 is a fraud ponzy scam pyramid scheme and I 7 are also deceptions made in Brazil to launder money from Brazilian drug trafficking and steal after us the entrepreneurs.

    • Erika

      I Invested money in this d9 clube. Yes, since I registered I started getting the deposits in my D9 account BUT. it’s been two months already and I have NEVER received the deposit in my coinbase. So, what is the deal here, you can accumulate thousand of virtual dollar but you cannot spend your money because they won’t transfer it. Now I see the website is on “on sale”, what this mean, where my money is going now, who is going to manage it. Also, since I got registered this people change the rules, every week or every two weeks. So far for my experience I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND nobody to register to d9 clue. Be careful guys, don’t loose your money.

    • Abdallah from uganda iwant to know if i withdwal you send my money in bank acount how can get it

    • I didn’t see my account balance

  • Phylis

    Hi admin,

    I am base in Kenya.. and i wish to join D9 club, how do i do transaction?
    and in the event that i want maybe to pull out after 52 weeks, do i loose my investment money or will be channeled back to me?


    • admin

      sign up following my guide, than when you are registered choose one pack going to STORE and than choose your prefered payment system, thanks
      You can withdraw every monday my friend but at least 300 usd, you will not loose nothing!

      • Phylis

        admin Sorry for asking so much but just to understand more…If i am in kenya.. i have to convert my money into US$ before i do payment, i have to go to the bank or any other alternative?

        • Phylis

          i can register like today and do my purchase next week or i do my purchase immediately after registration?

          • admin

            register today and purchase when you want, no problem. to all with that is bitcoin wallet. first open xapo account that, fill it with a bank transfer and than convert into bitcoin. when you have bitcoin you can pay d9 club with bitcoin

          • It’s so inspiring company than I ‘ve never seen before

          • moses muigua

            physil if not yet joined and still interested contact me @0712271933
            we have a group which we help new member join fast we are nairobi

        • Felix

          Phylis, just get someone who needs to withdraw kshs then they transfer the dollars to your account. No need to convert, more so if you convert you will loose on conversion. Am also in Kenya.


    Hello Admin, am based in Kenya, how can I withdraw from my D9 account to Kenya Shillings?

  • Dora loyola

    I want sign up,with someone on The USA

  • Dora loyola

    Do you have anybody on the USA?

    • admin

      no, you can be the first!

      • Fadhili dominick nyenza

        Admin please how can i get help, today i join D9 with the gold + package, my sponsor did a mistake she activate another account insted of my account, how can i get asistance, im from tanzania.

  • This is the best Online Trading bizness EVER!.

    • Laet

      Do not get so excited because you will never get the truth from this Admin, some of us have already been conned our Goldplus accounts have been blocked after depositing and you should not be fooled there is no supporte team to help when you lose money its only there when they want you to deposit and they will advise you that Goldplus is the best package because there is a dirty game in the background. Some out of the few are conned not to make it so obvious.

      • ally

        Hellow Laet

        I am still learning from these D9 ,not yet register with them but I attend one seminar on 25-04-2017 at Kebby hotel in Dar es salaam Tanzania.

        Can you tell me what a dirty game you discover from these D9.especialy this adm


    Hello admin, today’s payment has delayed?


    Hello admin, hope I can use skrill to withdraw from D9?


    i am excited to have joined this company ,just waiting to receive and start my success story, thanks to the great people who came up with this D9 club. ( Company )

    • skn

      I over 6 months since you gave this comment, is possible so show us how much you have made since.

      • Erika

        I Invested money in this d9 clube. Yes, since I registered I started getting the deposits in my D9 account BUT. it’s been two months already and I have NEVER received the deposit in my coinbase. So, what is the deal here, you can accumulate thousand of virtual dollar but you cannot spend your money because they won’t transfer it. Now I see the website is on “on sale”, what this mean, where my money is going now, who is going to manage it. Also, since I got registered this people change the rules, every week or every two weeks. So far for my experience I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND nobody to register to d9 clue. Be careful guys, don’t loose your money.

        By the way, I contacted almost a month ago and, guess what, I’m still waiting for an answer :-/

  • Betty Wekhomba

    Hi do you transact with block chain or only xapo

  • Leila

    I’m in Tanzania ,I hope to join D9


    Very urgent Admin, I made my first withdrawal to my Bitcoin Account today, When should I send withdrawal details and picture of my Bitcoin Wallet to

  • Makina

    Hi, if i don’t have bitcoin a/c is there any other alternative to withdrawal my money. ie bank wire.

    • admin

      for now you must withdraw only with Bitcoin. use very easy and they provide a VISA card that you can withdraw and pay where you want


    Thanks to the admin. You are really assisting us to understand the business by giving real facts. Suppose I cancel a withdrawal request, how long does it take for my D9 account to be credited?

  • Tariq

    Do you have physical location in East Africa ? I think that will make it easier. I wish to join D9 as well.

    • Emmanuel John

      We have, in Uganda, we currently have our CEO for Africa call Mr. Smart Protus Magara, who is based in Uganda, we have our D9 office launched in Kampala Uganda on November 2016,

      You can just write to for more detail, or if you are in any EA countries I will guide you,
      +255789585639, or WhatsApp +255712570601

    • D9clube is a game changer in Kenya. I never thought I could get to understand this concept of Sports Trading quite easily. Join me . Getting the money instantly by selling our dollars member to member is amazing too!

    • Cendric

      Contact me on email I show you how to join

    • Yes, there is the Uganda office which was officially opened by Danilo Santana in September 2016,

      Located towards the Kampala City Centre,
      Jinja Road.
      Prime Plaza ,Level 5
      Contact one of the leaders there via whatsapp: +256778332429

  • Anthony

    Hello admin,
    I purchased the Trader Gold on the 9th but due to the misinformation of my pline i coulnt pay it-He forgot to tell me that there are fees involved. I paid the money yesterday into tha bitcoin wallet of boxbase.Till now my account has not been activated and i dont see the pack.I sent many emails to D9 and to boxbase but no reply.
    My upline cannot help me too.What should i do?

    • admin

      write also to this e-mail:

    • Erika

      I Invested money in this d9 clube. Yes, since I registered I started getting the deposits in my D9 account BUT. it’s been two months already and I have NEVER received the deposit in my coinbase. So, what is the deal here, you can accumulate thousand of virtual dollar but you cannot spend your money because they won’t transfer it. Now I see the website is on “on sale”, what this mean, where my money is going now, who is going to manage it. Also, since I got registered this people change the rules, every week or every two weeks. So far for my experience I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND nobody to register to d9 clue. Be careful guys, don’t loose your money.

      By the way, I contacted almost a month ago and, guess what, I’m still waiting for an answer :-/


    Hello Admin, if I buy D9 credit card how will it be delivered to Kenya. Can I use D9 credit card to withdraw directly from the ATM

  • hi am tanzanian no any body in d9 in tz how can i join this bussiness


    Hello admin, how long does it take for withdrawal to be processed in D9?

  • abdulrahman baba

    After the 52 weeks, will my start up capital be pay back or has it expire.

  • Soji

    Great somebody told me about d9, I love it and also like to invest on profitable business like this but I dislike betting. Is d9 all about betting? Please.

  • Emmanuel John

    Dear all,

    I am Emmanuel, based in Tanzania, I am a member of D9 Clube since October, for anyone who needs assistance on how to join, and how to network, just write to me, my email address is

    Phone #Call @+255789585639, or WhatsApp @+255712570601

    I will be happy to here from you all, it is a nice business, and I am getting $170 every week through this business

  • kabole amos owen

    do you offer training

  • Charles

    Please to hear of this profitable trading and can you kindly educate me of what my benefit will be if I buy Gold + and have 2 referrals of same Gold +?

  • Hi admin, to pay the fee how do I transfer the money to xapo ?

  • Fabian

    I am trying to Register but not getting through. Is there a problemm

  • Fabian

    I could not activate as my password is not being being accepted and I am very sure on it. What can i do. Secondly if you want to invest say $4500 do you need two accounts?

  • Charles

    I already just registered for Gold + and same day hadelivery someone registered under me on Gold +. Please tell me in summary what I will be getting on Monday payments.
    But I registered on Thursday will I still be paid on Monday?

  • Charlesc925

    I already just registered for Gold + and same day had someone registered under me on Gold +. Please tell me in summary what I will be getting on Monday payments.
    But I registered on Thursday will I still be paid on Monday?

  • Fabian

    Hi Admi. Please clarify this point very clearly for me and many other people with the same thoughts. If I want to invest say $50,000. How will I go about it? I understand clearly how the should be sent through bitcoin. But do I invest $50,000 and what will be the weekly earnings. Secondly after the 52 weeks what happens to the $50,000? Thirdly can one rollover their earning and lastly can one reinvest the weekly earnings? Thanks.

  • Fabian

    Hi Admin. Thank you so much. Yes I have already registered and I have open account with Xapo. I will do go to the bank today and transfer funds to Xapo

  • kaweesi godfrey

    hi adm am kaweesi
    Godfrey am in uganda I have just seen you today but do you have any member in uganada east africa? If why don`t you introduce mobile wallet which can be easy for people who are not in urban areas where is banks.thank

    • Hello Kaweesi,

      In the d9 club, bitcoin, which is a digital currency valued in dollars per coin , is the default payment system. However, with a kenyan based bitcoin exchange you can now convert bitcoins from your Xapo account to either your dollar account or to your mobile money.

  • Fabian

    For those in Kenya how did you transfer your funds to the Xapo account as the central bank of Kenya has refused to process my transfer of funding my Xapo account


    Fabian, Register a Bitpesa account then transfer from your Xapo account to Bitpesa. Then transfer from Bitpesa to either MPESA or your Bank Account.

  • Fabian

    Timothy thank you so much. That is very helpful. Let me check the bitpesa which I have never heard about

  • Fabian

    Timothy it is how to transfer to Xapo.

  • Fabian

    Timothy how do you send funds to D9Club?

    • Lagat

      Hello admin from Kenya i have tried to register but what can i do with invalid date and what can i fill in place of document?

  • The system is still off, when do we expect it back, we have not yet earned today’s pay.

  • Also, what are the steps to withdraw my money through back office to xapo to bitpesa them mobile account

  • Kemunto

    Thanx for the much do one start with to buy gold+

  • hi admn. am abdulatif from uganda . I have read and understood this business . first its a new business , secondaly a mult bullion business bt hw do u gurantee security of my capital .
    still, if I start like in the middle of the year do the 52weeks count from there or immediately it gets to december my account gets to zero.

    • your 52 weeks begin from the very first week you are activated. However, please note that if you are activated on a Friday, you will start to receive your $170 on the monday after next.

  • Ativ

    Hallo.. This a great opportunity. Has anyone sucessfully managed to withdraw in kenya via bit pesa to mpesa ? Or via bank account in kenya.

  • rosemary

    hello admin which email can i use to contact you for support/help


    Hello, please can I open more account with the same email address but different username?
    Also is PayPal now accepted as method of payment/redrawer


    how are the packs bought coz i would like to join too the clube

  • dorcas

    This seems a good business, my question is if it is a must to recruit someone?


    Hi Admin I have read about D9club. I am in Uganda and I have become interested in this club. I tried to register but the information com in a language I don’t understand its not in English
    How can I be able to join it

  • Brenda

    Hello. What happens to the members recruited under me after the 52 weeks expire?
    Secondly If I renew under same address, do I still benefit from those I recruited?

  • Eliud

    When was this started?

  • Thato

    Hellp i need a clear explanation of how D9 works,how much do i need to get started

  • Stanley Maithya

    I am Stanley fro Kenya.Which least Dollars will I need to start with?Very beautiful internet business.Keep up.I will register soon possible

    • The overview is this: Members benefit from purchasing sports trader packages and getting weekly pay for 52 weeks. You as a member can receive up to $170 every monday for 52 weeks depending on your particular.

      For example the package I recommend you to get is the trader gold + which is $2046 or around UGX 7,400,000 if you are in Uganda.
      with the gold plus package you will receive $170 for 52 weeks. If you can hold out withdrawing for 3 and a half months, you will have accumulated an extra $2046 with which you can create a new gold plus account, giving you a weekly earning of $340 weekly.

  • Stanley Maithya

    Again explain to me in simple terms words like bitcoins etc.I have talked with my friends here and they want to know more.They are very ready to enroll

    • Bitcoin is a digital currency created in 2008 but unlike paper money or fiat currency, its value does not depreciate like ordinary money. Most investors have resorted to storing their wealth in bitcoin as it is strong against most economic conditions.
      A single bitcoin is currently valued at around $1200 per coin, making the most profitable and expensive currency in the world today.
      As a payment system, it has been adopted by most businesses to help make transactions faster and more efficient.
      Now d9 club pays members in Bitcoin and then you may convert the bitcoins to any local currency like the UGX shilling or dollar. With, you can convert your bitcoins and send the money either to your local bank account or to your mobile money

  • Bernadette Mutuzo

    D9 which address can i send to so that my downline problems can be solved. She has written several times to but no response. She is feeling bad because she is new and she has people lining to introduce to the business but no response from support office.

    She entered a wrong mail and when she forgot her password, she tried to enter several times and her account was blocked. Someone else might access her password. How can you be of help?

    • hello
      First to see which details she may have used, she should approach a fellow d9 club member who will login to his/her own account.
      Once in, they will search for her username/sponsor name in the SEEK field. If present, you will select her account and see which details like email address and other details. If she had put in a wrong email during registration , my guess is she should create an email matching the one in the account details. then attempt to recover her password with that email. if the email is already owned by someone else, i do no know what else could be done except to begin anew.

      • Lysatech

        Hi joan ive opened two account same email adress my second account is not opening the pasdword is correct what do I do,kindly assist

  • Charlesc925

    I made 340 dollars and tried to withdraw 300 dollars to my XAPO account but after 8 days no fund in my XAPO Wallet and transaction cancelled transfer back to my d9 data bank. What is the cause?

    • The withdraws may sometimes be cancelled when the verification amount set for the payment is low. increasing the verification amount will guarantee you payment faster.

      Under personal information>>> Bank Data>>>>>Below the field where you place your bitcoin wallet number is the verification amount: it usually set to 5$>>>>>>> set it to $10 or $20.
      That should fix the problem

  • how do you download bitpesa

  • Runion

    So called D9 club is a scam don’t join guys.

  • mapafu

    hello admin can l use my VISA CARD to do registration?

  • Charlesc925

    I sent a mail to this email address;
    as directed but till this moment no reply.

  • Runion

    Admin, is there any other way of payment rather than xapo or neteller? Why is it that people are saying that D9 is a scam? Secondly, why don’t u use international banks for payments?

  • Felix

    Dear Admin,

    I have made withdrawal to my wallet through XAPO , is more than four days now it has not been credited.

    I have written to the financire team,, no response.

  • Charlesc925

    Hi, Please as a new trader I am on package Gold+ and have one Gold+ on my left tree and one Gold on my right tree. What am I expected to get in return on Monday?

  • candy

    how will I benefit if I don’t recruit people?

  • Runion


    How do i credit my D9 account when i am new? I have cash at hand but don’t know what to do. I am in East Africa.

  • chifye Agujebwe

    The admin should avoid escaping some vital questions by using trickery terms like expiry but instead be straight forward. explain what you mean by expiry of the pack and bitcoins.

    • the accounts will just not be receiving the weekly bonus after the 52 weeks, however, when you go to the store and activate the account again, you will receive your weekly for the next 52 weeks.

      • yvonne

        hlw Joab i have this problem …my account is asking for authenticator while i have not even installed the app in my phone

  • onyerera

    At the end of the 52 wks, is the refunded back?

  • Clare

    Hi Admin, I’m trying to sign up. I have translated my page to English …finally. Questions now… 1) What do I fill in where it says login (only letters &characters) it is denying all entries I try. 2) It seems I have to upload an identity or an image but there are no buttons for this. What do I do?

  • How long with this last? For 52weeks or it can flop before the weeks are done.

  • edgar

    I need to sign up but i dont want to be below any person,i want to be the first so as i can great a chain

  • Fabian

    How many times do you win the binary bonus or when do you get the binary bonuses. Is it every week or every month ?

  • redstar

    Not open the site
    When will it open?

  • Biruma paul

    How to check my money with d.9

  • Jepharson Mwakwida

    I would like to register but the form is written in spannish not English is there another form in English ? i am in kenya

  • joanna

    helo am from uganda. how sure am i that this is not a scam,

  • edet

    i have registered what next?

  • Justine M. Lwekoramu

    what can i fill in the document place during first registration

  • Onyerera

    What do you do with the money to generate profit, that you pay back to investors?What is the vision and mission of d9club? How much do u generate with less than 250 us dollars?

    • Hushp

      This has always been my question to people who talk abiut it? I want to kniw how they do the trading. I’m thinking bitcoin stock exchange? Yes everyone wants a quick buck but some just want to understand how it’s really done.

  • Popo

    Great business idea. How many affiliates have you so far recruited in Kenya. Just curious,am Kenyan very willing to sign up with D9 CLUB.

  • Cathykings

    I have a problem with my Binary, all the people(down lines) I had signed up on my left side have been transferred to my right side. This has also affected my down lines whose direct referrals have also been pushed to my right leaving her without any down lines. This has also affected my earnings since it was reduced from $221 to $-220. I have written severally to but have not received any feed back. Kindly advise and help.

  • Njeri

    Hi Admin, how do I recover my password if I cannot remember it?

  • De Mar-TZ

    Hi, Admin.
    Is there any alternative withdrawal method, less than 7-10 days?

  • Obed Vincent Mande

    I would like to join D9 Club for sports


    Kindly assist me in unblocking my account Wanjiku 3.I have two accounts Wanjiku2017 and Wanjiku3.My active account is Wanjiku 3 and when i request for change password its retrieving the inacctive account Wanjiku2017.

  • Qiaoanna

    Hi Admin, is D9 sport trading working in China?

  • Njeri

    Seems cool. Will b joining too from Kenya

  • Wams

    Trying to register but I its telling me invalid date at the “date of birth” section

  • Vane Kenya

    How do I register ?

  • Aminah

    Hello admin,
    Perhaps am fully registered and I don’t have an account, do I need to open up an account because have seen that every after one-week that means on Monday I will be earning some cash?

  • betty

    I am a new member (one week) how do i check my account to know my balance?

  • Nikitas Vlahakis

    Dear Admin, kindly assist in registering with D9 club. Am in Zambia and very much interested.

    Your quick response will be greatly appreciated.

  • Holmquist

    thank you d9 I’ve followed your procedures however on withdrawals there’s a step one will need​to pick codes sent on to ones mobile phone including verifying the mobile number itself , so in. a nutshell this means one cannot make withdrawals when outside his country where that mobile number is inactive

  • Is there any delays for this week earnings? Not yet received mine.

  • norman

    cant seem to logon to check my account. Can you give me step by step directions

  • Mohamed

    Hello Admin,,, I am Mohamed from Tanzania. I do really like this moneymaking business but I have a question, Once I already joined D9-club do I have to pay US $50 monthly….? And if so, what if i bought TRADER BRONZE PACK and I will be paid US $12.75 weekly. If you take ($12.75 times 4weeks)=$51 in a month and I have to pay $50 monthly. That means my profit is $1 monthly if I bought a TRADER BRONZE PACK. Please correct me if I miss understood

  • maureen

    Hi, I made a withdrawal request using the procedure on the guide last week Monday 06March 2017 and to date funds are not reflecting in my xapo wallet please advise. I’m in Kenya

  • Illikwel

    Admin thanks for answering cross cutting questions. We have been recruiting members while assuring them that after 52weeks they will get back their Pac and some interests. I have just come across where you say no refund of capital refunded.

    • Kenneth Kyamulesire

      It’s the aggregated weekly/ monthly earnings that you get after the 52 weeks. You don’t get back the deposited capital.

  • Illikwel

    Help us with the link of opening bitpesa account


    HI ADMIN? Wanted to request if u could liase with the support people so that they could help me unblock my account
    Wanjiku 3 since they opened two accounts with the same email.The dormant account is Wanjiku 2017.. My email address
    Thanking you in advance.

  • Amgela Njoki

    Hi, how does D9 generate its income so as to manage to payout this payments


    can i be able to boast my silver trader account .How will computation of earnings be done after boosting to Gold trader…Will 52 weeks be counted from DATE the of boosting.?

  • Gasper Mlay

    how do I register?

  • David

    Dear Admin,

    Thanks for the good work in addressing our questions. However, the email that you refer to people is never replied even acknowledged receipt. I am a Gold+ joined on 28th February 2017 but cannot access my account due to password issues that i wrote to suporte on 6th March with no reply todate!

    Is there an alternative email or how are such issues addressed as its getting frustrating.

    Kindly Assist,


  • Peter Alberto

    hi Admin, I’m Peter from Tanzania and I already joined D9, but I have some questions…
    1. how can I change my password?

    2. after 52 weeks has been elapsed, can I get back my money I invested with an interest or I have to loose such a money I invested?

  • gitts

    Hello Admin, I got a small problem. I am already an investor with D9, and so far its been great with several accounts. I have been keeping up with my passwords with no issues at all. Today I tried to transfer funds to my other accounts so that I can activate a new affiliate. To my surprise the system now requires a token to complete the transaction. The email address for this particular account was fictitious, I do not have access to it to retrieve the token. Now Im stuck. How can you help.

    • wilbard

      Gitts ! Never use a non existing email! You can use your real single email to open several accounts. Just make sure the usernames are different.

  • mariam

    hello how do I register

  • purity

    if i register as a member this week,should i count 52 weeks frm this week?

  • Domingo T Ferreira

    I live in California and I am from Paraguay. I have invited to be part of this business which I really appreciated it; however I think it is quite complicated and there are many confusions questions!
    Thank you

  • Peter Alberto

    for the first question can you put it in English?

    secondly I got you

  • Admin how do we get the money? Witch bank

  • Brenda

    Would like to know where the money for all those gifts (cars. Jets, etc) that are given away comes from.

  • kenneth

    hello, how can i join D9 for Gold plus

  • Lu Chong

    Very interesting that you act like an administrator and questions like password errors,delay feedback and so many trouble shootings like in Kenya.

    My I know why only East African popular in this business;No want from Europe,USA,can we have credible link from the official sites.

    So much dollars given in like you say,a business of one year with very uncertain future;will this not leave many people crying at some point.

    And to you who are old in Business from East Africa,can you post your personal experiences.

    Admin :Why in such multiBillion business if there is element of trust to have regional consult or Local websites like Kenya to to list all affiliates and support link.

    This game appears to hide something !!!

    Some one tell the truth.

    • Laet

      hall0 Mary Ndungu, you will never see your money again the suporte email is a trick it doesn’t exist because it doesn’t respond to my emails either for now 2months and this admin knows all about this email but its not being honest rather forwarding people to a fake email.

  • Hi admn how much am supposed to pay for registration on gold+ with all fees but without membership qualify for all benefits and full member ready to make transactions

  • Hi admin ,do you mean that when i make a withdraw transactions on monday i get it next week, not on that very time? Secondly ,what causes default of putting members bitcoin in time?

  • hi admin am juliet I really want to join this business venture but have tried to sign up but everything is in Brazil I don’t understand and am in Uganda I would like more knowledge about this is there anyone who can help train me another thing if I don’t have a bank account what do I do and how do I pay to open up an account please help me thanks

    • Mayc

      Did you get help Juliet ? If not I could explain to you . If you don’t have a bank account your fellow affiliates may send you on mpesa . Just join the whatsapp and telegram groups where the transfers are requested in the open and done effectively . Personally I normally just transfer my dollars to fellow affiliates who sent me the money on mpesa or in my bank account

    • You may visit the Uganda D9 Club office located towards the Kampala city centre, Jinja Road, Prime Plaza, Level 5
      Or contact our trainer: +256778332429

  • Akash kumbhar

    hey admin im akash from india and i want to joined d9clube can u please guide how can i join and buy packages and all info…!!!

  • Hi admin Am from Tanzania I want to join to d9club please give some instruction on how to join in this club

  • Hi admin,is it that when i make a withdraw transactions on monday the money will be reducted from my axapo account but i will get it after some days? What is the cause?

  • Oodles

    Hello Admin,

    I’ve tried all day to get in to the official d9 website to access my account. I have failed. This is the message that I keep on getting…
    Server Error in ‘/’ Application.

    Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to obtaining a connection from the pool. This may have occurred because all pooled connections were in use and max pool size was reached.
    Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.

    Exception Details: System.InvalidOperationException: Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to obtaining a connection from the pool. This may have occurred because all pooled connections were in use and max pool size was reached.

    Source Error:

    An unhandled exception was generated during the execution of the current web request. Information regarding the origin and location of the exception can be identified using the exception stack trace below.

    Stack Trace:

    ….Admin, is this normal? Should I be worried? Am I the only one who is experiencing this? Or is there something going on?

  • Richard

    Hello Admin,
    If i need to pay for D9 Gold+ how will i go as I am registered already with a an account, please more details

  • Richard

    Hello Admin,
    If i need to pay for D9 Gold+ how will i go as I am registered already with a an account, please more details as we are using Tanzanian Shillings, do i need to change in dollars or what should i do

    • Hello Richard, You are in Tanzania, Contact the person that introduced you to D9 club. the best and quickest method to be used would be for them to purchase or activate your account using their D9 account balance and then you give them the cash, be it in Tshs or USD

  • Enock Nyakoe

    i have been trying to login and register but keeps getting error;Bad Request

  • how can one buy a bitcoin on

  • daeik song

    Hi. admin
    After registering I received an email and on page of buying packs I could not buy a pack. when I click the
    pay button it goes to next page with this(err: badrequest-error) I have already payment processor with bitcoin. I have a bitcoin wallet xapo as well. you are my sponsor. you can see in your tree.
    what is the problem? I tried it several times in every other Id. please tell me how to buy packs firs time.

  • Hi Admin –
    How will this affect D9 club members will they be taxed too? Please advise…

    Kenya’s parliament approved a new Finance Bill, which will require betting firms to pay 7.5% of net revenue, while gaming companies will pay 12% and lottery operators will pay 5% of turnover. The new tax regime could take effect as early as next week.

    The tax changes were originally part of a new Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Bill, which had undergone second reading in Parliament last week.

  • George

    Am George from Tanzania. I congratulate admn for a big work of answering questions, most people don’t read user guide or other asked questions. Thank you for your humble

  • can’t wait to join

  • Hi Admin –
    Is it possible to register in a different country and you live in another country?

  • mwaka james

    Its awesome the best I’ve come across will definitely have to join..

  • Kenneth Kyamulesire

    Is it legal to have several email accounts, like for purposes of opening up several D9 accounts?

  • Park, MH

    Hi. admin
    After registering I received an email and on page of buying packs
    But I could not buy a pack.
    when I click the pay button it goes to next page with this(err: badrequest-error)
    I have already payment processor with bitcoin.
    I have a bitcoin wallet as well.
    please tell me how to buy packs firs time.
    I need your help.

  • How many usd used for opening bitcoin xapo and how much it charges per transaction e.g withdraw fm bank

  • Hi Admin, how many usd used for opening bitcoin xapo and how much it charges per transaction e.g withdraw fm bank?

  • Hi admin, is 2150 usd only for registering bitcoin or it includes Gold+ package?

  • Assumpta

    Hi admin,
    How can I get credit card which I can use to withdrawal from local banks

  • James

    Hi admin. I have been a member to D9 and all is well on funding and withdrawing. One thing I would like to know how do I join the betting forum?

  • Dustan

    Am in Qatar……will join asap

  • Harrison

    Am Harrison from Kenya. I have a block chain wallet as am in another mlm. This block chain uses bitcoins for transactions. Can it be used instead of xapo? If one buys gold package at USD 2450, this amount is not refundable after 52 weeks. If no referrals made and one has bought gold, does it mean that one will get 170 USD x 52 weeks?

  • Hi D9 club. the place is very interesting. please let me know how do I join the club. And also I would like to know is it possible after the end of 52weeks to renew the same account?

  • joshua

    thanks a lot admin for your attention. how can I get a D9 credit card. I’m in Uganda.

  • Jimmy Magoto

    Hello Admin,
    How to get online courses to help know more about the D9 and to the Networking sales?
    Plus, can i get the ppt presentation, as of the numbers i saw on the images on this website?

  • Linda

    Hey,i am trying to recruit simeone under me but its not opening

  • Mercy

    We have whatsapp and telegram group where we transfer dollars to each other as affiliates in exchange for money via Mpesa or Bank depositd for those in East Africa . If you need help don’t hesitate to ask me to add you to the groups .

  • cnk

    I received your message to my e-mail

    Hello cnk,
    The word you chose was:


    Your Login: cnk002

    To retrieve your password click the link below:

    Change password
    Best regards,
    D9 team

    I did Changed password
    But I cannot login
    Your message is Este associado esta bloqueado

    Please helf me!

  • David

    Can i join under you am in kenya?

  • Stephen

    Hi admin, was just introduced with a friend about d9.It looks too true to believe, but any way it seems like people are benefiting. I would like to join the club, but currently i don’t have an income that is steady, can you find someone to sponsor me, so that i can be able to continue from there. The sponsor will be refunded during the payments.I’m a Kenyan who is ambitious and can convince many friends who want to see the fruits of their investment.

  • Rick

    hello admin,
    can someone on Bronze get the sponsoring amount he missed earlier when he sponsored like 2 Gold+ then later he upgraded from bronze to Gold.

  • how do i start if i don’t have a debit/credit card? please help from tanzania

  • Yetunde

    I have sent about 5 mails regarding my withdrawal . I did not receive the token sent in my email and as a result, I cannot proceed and I am not getting any reply from them. I used the email I have not made a single withdrawal and they are not responding.

  • Yetunde

    Thank you for your prompt reply.

  • Jimmy Magoto

    How much needed on D9 account to activate Gold or Gold+ packages?

  • Ojiambo Godfrey Mutumi

    Hello Admin I have been a multiple investor with you guys for over a month now, the issue is I forgot the password to one of my account could you kindly assist me to be able to access it again? I have sent you three emails but you are not responding, Kindly I need help very urgently to continue building my tree.

  • Hello can u connect me to D9 club members in Kampala. This perhaps is the best business I have seen on line and would like to Join

  • Yetunde

    I have been sending mails for about two weeks now to resolve an issue with getting token for withdrawal, but no response from them. My email is not properly updated in my virtual office and i don’t know if that is the reason I don’t get a mail with a token…Please is there another way to get to d9 support. Since I joined I have not been able to make any withdrawal. Please I need help!

  • Linda

    Hey,i have tried to log into my account today but it’s saying account locked.What could be the problem

  • Hi,
    I have signup but i cannot signup what can i do?

  • Charie

    I would love to be part of the team but tried to register all in

  • Raymond

    I have heard a contract expires after 12 months. How should I know if my package has been expired? And if I want to proceed on renewing a contract should i pay an entrance fee again? Thankx

  • caren

    hi, am wondering what happen if i don’t do withdrawal for at least 3 months. do i benefit?

  • Kaswalala Benjamin

    Hello Admin!
    Amvery much interested with this online business, i want to join the -GOLD+: Gains! how much am supposed to pay for this this? please responds via my mail! Am Tanzanian residing in Mwanza

  • peter

    hi..after 52weeks my package is goin to expire too? i mean if mypakage is Gold+ so i have to invest another one?
    secondly even around mybe 32weeks aftervjoin i decide to quit can i have my money i invested back?

  • Hi admin,how much usd you charge for transfering dollars from bitcoin account to the bank account?

  • Ogy

    Hi Admin.
    Is there any update on what’s going on cause this safety Authy whenever I try to log in to my accounts it keeps telling same thing to enter the token but can’t login …

  • Nico Charles

    Hi Admin,

    If i deposit usd 1048 how much i will earn per Month?

    Suppose i opt note to withdraw for 3 month how much bonus should i get?



  • Jamila.. .kasalu

    Hello admin.Have being trying to login several times until now my account is locked…please advise on what to do.

  • Jamila.. .kasalu

    My login says this member is locked. What is the procedure of unlocking my account.
    I tried to contact
    But no response yet.How do I fix this problem please

  • iwant to know my balance of today

  • Nico Charles

    Okay if i join Gold pack + with usd 170 per week and opt not to withdraw for 3 Month what will happen?

  • Evelyne

    I am not able to register. “Invalid date of birth!!”

  • francis

    hello, I am a member for the last two months and I have also recruited a number of people. however, some of the questions that am asked I am not able to answer. for example, for how long will d9 be in the market? kindly assist.

    • Fransis ! even if you ask a large Bank like Barclays how long they will be in the market they dont know! Even yourself you dont know how many years you will be alive!!!!????

    • Frankiej revealing the truth

      You got scammed and you scammed other people you recruited

  • Charles

    my email which was verified by D9clube cannot generate a token and my dollar earnings cannot activate or be transfered. I have written an email to for assistance and nothing so far. I need assistance urgently.

  • Godbless

    Hello! Am a new member from Tanzania. I joined last week and I don’t know how to transfer money from D9 to my bank account, please inform me how can I wire them.
    Please link me with two new member so I can start my own new team. Please.

    • Since you are in Tanzania, use , which is a bitcoin exchange used to change bitcoin to USD or your local currency, it can also send your money to your mobile money account.

    • Hello,
      Use to convert the bitcoins to your local currency, you will be able to send your payments from D9 to either your mobile money or your bank account.

      visit when you want to send the payment to your mobile money service
      Visit this links below by for instructions on how to send your payment.

      You can also watch the video tutorial below for the steps on how to send the payment to Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania.


  • sammy

    D9 Is the best investment joined 1 month ago and have a network of 5 people who are gold and able to earn ksh 51000 every week

    • Frankiej revealing the truth

      Have you gotten your money on hand or even your bank account or just virtual money that isn’t real????

  • Hope

    My email which is registered to my account cannot generate a token since yesterday and my dollar earnings cannot activate or be transferred. I have written an email to for assistance and no reply so far. I checked on spams, everywhere nothing. Is it possible to change email address? How? Please assist us, I see I’m not the only one with this problem


  • Jamila.. .kasalu

    I have just downloaded authy app on my phone, how can I use it to access my D9clube which is now saying invalid login?

    • Please download the Google authenticator from the google playstore on android smartphone and the itunes store for apple products. this app is to be used in place of authy

  • this opportunity is not a scam i am proud to be among the most payed people.

  • Wamboka Harbert

    I am interested in D9 and have registered but not active.
    But my question is, how do i create multiple accounts under one account say 9 accounts under one .

  • Hi admin what happened if my package expires when i have usd on account,can i have access to withdraw it or it will also be blocked?

  • jaster

    Hi admin,
    How long does it take to recieve bitcoin after withdrawal request?

  • Hie…!
    am hereby asking how am i going to access my balance online since once am trying to login its’ says…access denied…!
    please advice…!
    after opening the mail page …of the website…..i can see the facebook icon….vitual office…reigister ……

    Pls advice

  • John

    Hi admin
    I heard that payment in april 3 were delayed.
    Are payment in april 10 paid normally?
    Thank you

  • Bahati

    hey, may i please know why in Tanzania we dont have e- money? i would like to be transferring my money into my dollar account. pls guide me, or if there is anyone able to do that in TZ will appreciate your support. Thnx

    • yes, with it is a bitcoin exchange which can help you convert your bitcoin to USD or your local currency and it even can send the money to your mobile money. this applies for member in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, China, Nigeria.

  • chesire

    iam in kenya how can i joint this noble global business d9

  • James Mbai

    Hi Admin, Payment of binary this week has not come through. What to do?

  • BB

    Hi Admin,
    is there any way a members points can be deducted to Zero. we checked on our member’s account it had over 9,000 point now it is showing zero, o points. why?

  • Raymond

    For instance if my gold + package expires and I’m not ready to renew, will my starting capital USD 2046 be paid back. And what if I want to renew will I pay again USD2046?

  • Godbless

    Hello Champions now you are able to join the D9clube through this link below here. Please join soon.

  • Alberto Acuna

    I have 3 pages blocked with incorrect email. I have requested the correction of the emails in several opportunities to but they have not done it; What else should I do or who should I turn to? Alberto (USA)

  • Alice

    Great, very much willing to be a member

  • J. Robles

    I have a problem. I entered as a gold plus plan, but I gave the wrong email address. I have to correct it, URGENT!! PLEASE help…

  • Rejik James Juma

    dear sir/madam it my first time to know about d9club sports trading. am from south Sudan can you help me with the procedures of joining. i tried to but requiring document and login lowcreaseletter what do you by that? otherwise am very interested thank you.

  • Alberto

    It’s possible withdrawal the money from D9 to other wallet different of Coinbase like Blockchain?. I hear from many people at D9 that theirs are very strict and closing the wallets. Theirs said that can’t proof the source of the money.

  • Josphine Mbatha

    hey admin I have read and understood how CLUB 9 works , but am in Kenya how can I be part of this digital market coz i much want to be part of it reply via my email

  • I hear a lot about d9 Clube. How do I join?

  • Elisha Kanyagha

    hellow Admn
    I have paid for “starter pack” since yesternight (4th of may) and sending payment evidences to but till now my account is not activated.Please help me the simple way to be activated

  • Alberto

    Authy is not working and I can’t open one of my pages. When I change my password I receive the confirmation at my email and after when click at link this sed me to D9 page again requesting one Authy code but it do not work with Authy, I reinstalled Authy several times but still do not work integrated. Can you give me a solution please.


      Hi admin. Today Sunday you given me the option to change password. Thanks do operation
      then i end up to enter new password and it comes a message that says INVALID TOKEN.
      then nothing me to do help me admin. Makes me unhappy admin.

      Thanks regard
      benjamin nyongole
      from Tanzania

      • Alberto

        Benjamin I have the same problem since 2 months ago and I have written more than 50 emails to suporte but theirs never answer me back or give me the solution. I’m thinking to fly to D9 Offices located at Recife, Brasil because my balance in this page is more than $10.000 usd.

        • Hello Benjamin.

          Steps you may follow
          -sit at your computer
          -open up your email that you registered in d9
          -repeat the password change process, this time with your email open in another tab so that you can refresh it and receive your token.
          -the moment you click SAVE SECURELY, an empty field and a selection of words may appear for you to place in the token sent to your email, select a word and click SAVE …..go to your email tab and refresh., a message from “” should arrive with the number token, copy paste the token in the field in your account and click SAVE
          -the token is in most cases sent to your email.
          – Authy is not being used anymore, instead, download the Google Authenticator from the google playstore or itunes app store and use it to secure your account.

        • José

          The office of D9 club in Recife is one you lost your money in the ponzy scam.

  • Jimmy Magoto

    Admin, pls help me here!
    I i have two down liners and one is Gold plus and the other is Silver, would i receive binary from weaker side of silver!?

    And, if i have two Gold plus both side, will i receive binary from either of them!?


    • Binary is paid as a percentage of your weaker side points, these are generated from having a directly referred trader silver and above on both your left and right leg.

      • Jimmy

        Joab I have one leg Gold plus and another Silver and the thumb up is green to explain that i should receive binary, yet I did not receive any Binary up to now, and more over one of my leg with gold plus is reading zero point, could assist explaining this too!?

  • Henry

    Admin. Please clarify.

    I have registered one Gold+ account with a friend in Tanzania on 05/05/2013. Later I used the same email address but with different user name to open two other gold+ account. This means I have 3 gold + accounts. Moreover I have referred a friend who also open two gold+ accounts under my account. In the same manner.

    What exact Am I supposed to get after this. I am current confused as I have received only US $348.50 only which is different to what I had from the guide. Please assist and clarify.

  • Marsha Williams

    Hi, I made a withdrawal over a week ago. I was told that it would be 7 days for it to hit my coinbase wallet, Today is 5/6/17. I still have not seen anything. Please let me know why I am not seeing my deposit in my ewallet. Thanks.

  • 岁月


  • When is the actual sports trading training going to start?
    I can see members of D9 are happy making money but the main issue i think is to learn and to participate in Sports Trading !!!?

  • Wycliffe Ashiuma

    Good evening Admin,
    This opportunity of D9 has been shared to me by a friend on phone and I’ve really been excited about it. What I would like to understand is, after a prospect signs up, what is expected of him/ her in the business to enable him/ her to earn returns on investment?
    Supposing he/ she doesn’t recruit another prospect within the period of 52 weeks, will he/ she earn on his/ her investment for the 52 weeks?

    • when he/she joins D9 club, to receive the payment, they will have to setup a bitcoin wallet to receive payments.
      I use a wallet hosted at…..go to that site and sign up, after creating wallet, verify your identity and place the bitcoin wallet address in the D9 account data. from xapo, you may now change the bitcoins back to your local currency using which is a bitcoin exchange for sending bitcoin payments throughout africa and china. If you are in africa, you can send your payment to your mobile money account.


  • John

    Dear Sir, how can I join D9 in Nairobi, Kenya? Do you have any official representative in Nairobi?
    I will appreciate hearing from you. John

  • hansu kim

    I want to change the account because the active mail is unusual.

  • Hi admin i want to send money but it is requesting me token codes where can i get it and procedure?

    • Transacting in D9 club requires you have an email address where you will be receiving tokens. these tokens help approve most if not all transactions you will be doing. Example. You want to withdraw…On monday, when you click request withdraw, d9 club will send a token to your email address that you used to register. So when you are withdrawing, have your email address open also so that you can receive the token promptly.
      If by chance you do not receive the token, check the email spam folder.
      On receiving the token, you copy and paste it in the required field and

      Note: the email will be sent from ”””


  • christopher

    hello!!! what about someone who doesn’t have any bank account???

    • Hello, if you are in africa, you can use to send your money to your mobile money account.
      If you are in another region, you may have to acquire a bitcoin card, offers a VISA card with which you can use any bitcoin walllet, enabling you to use your bitcoin payments anywhere that accepts VISA.
      However, opening up a bank account is not very difficult.

  • Admin,irequest to resend token codes at my

  • Andel


    I have done a withdrawal from April 24th and still have not receive payment. Please advice.

  • Transacting in D9 club requires you have an email address where you will be receiving tokens. these tokens help approve most if not all transactions you will be doing. Example. You want to withdraw…On monday, when you click request withdraw, d9 club will send a token to your email address that you used to register. So when you are withdrawing, have your email address open also so that you can receive the token promptly.
    If by chance you do not receive the token, check the email spam folder.
    On receiving the token, you copy and paste it in the required field to approve said transaction

    Note: the email will be sent from ”””


  • Robinah

    Hello my D9 account is a gold PLUS but i’m only earning $51 per week what could be the problem?
    My other accounts earn $170 but only one earns less

  • Jyn

    My friend has joined this online thing last month. He only received payments twice. He has tried to enquire why he not received any other payment but no one is answering phone calls. Am sensing danger somewhere? How can he be assisted to get his payments???

  • John

    I have a question.
    The money that I requested on 24 April has not arrived yet. Status is still “Solicitado” for over 14 days.
    I doubt whether withdrawals is working. There was no response to my email questions for over 30days.
    What’s the problem?

  • Hi admin irequest u to resend token code at my email was not active but ihave now activated it.ok thx sir.

  • theophil assey

    Dear Admin,
    I am not able to receive the emails from my D9 clube . What happened is I accedentaly
    assign spam to D9 email then after there the emails went to spam, when I went to spam to check my emails, I checked them as not spam , they all return to the inbox. But from that moment till now I am not able to receive D9 clube emails. I have checked in all folders
    trush,deleted and others not d9 emails, I can not transfer or withdraw money because I don’t receive tokens. I wrote to yahoo support and they replied to me in the email pasted below .


    Thanks for reaching out, and I’m sorry that you’re having trouble receiving emails from

    Our mail servers appear to be fully functional at this time. Occasionally, temporary network issues can cause a message to be deferred or even fail.

    Please have the mail systems administrator or the postmaster for contact us directly. We’re unable to contact them for you; they require all requests be sent in by the customer.

    The postmaster’s address is usually in the format: “”, where “example” is your email provider’s domain (examples include MSN, AOL, Google).

    You’ll need to send the postmaster of the details of your concern including any error codes you’ve received. Please instruct them to contact us through the Yahoo Mail Postmaster help pages:

    We appreciate your patience and understanding.
    Thank you for choosing Yahoo, and we look forward to hearing from you again.


    Yahoo Customer Care

    Thank you so much for your support

  • theophil assey

    I have checked to my filters, blocked address and reply address all setting are fine.
    my username is tassey and tassey1 all are my accounts pse I need your help

  • Lysatech

    Is anyone found solution for retrieving password am in this dillema opened twi accounts with the same email adress the first account is working but the second has refused to openkindly assist

  • When is the actual sports trading training going to start?
    I can see members of D9 are happy making money but the main issue i think is to learn and to participate in Sports Trading !!!?

  • Natukunda phionah

    My account has been blocked and I can’t login. Please help what can I do . Administration.

  • Natukunda phionah

    Admin. Please kindly help me unblock my account . Or show me how to.

    • Juan

      I have the same problem and I wrote like 4 emails to them and have no response. Did you unblocked yours?

  • Hi i am from Nigeria and just joined D9 only to be told that i cannot earn on my starter pack unless from Bronze pack on both plan A and B, why is it so,the Bronze price is too high to afford[214,000 naira]while the starter pack is just 39,000naira the difference gap is too much it can be very discouraging

  • Ney Nkya

    For Tanzanians who are in Dar es salaam I can assist contant me through this email: , phone no 0789909919, Thanks.

  • Moses

    Those in Kenya you can contact me we have a group of affiliates who help new member join d9 easily and your account is activated same day since we just use the dollar we have in our account

  • interested to jioned

  • Jenni

    Hi admin

    The payment in april 24 were delayed.
    Are payment in this month paid normally?

    Thank you.

  • Ali

    If you are in Kenya get in touch with me. 254725746391

  • larry Sifa

    Hi, I’m in Kenya and I have gone through D9 information and watched a couple of videos and I would love to join. So i clicked the register link on this site but the form is in a language I can not relate. Kindly help me.

  • Bahati

    I joined D9 clube like 3 weeks ago, now i have new people want to join under me but asking if the company is offcially regsterd and if so where can we get the proof for the same

  • dwayne

    hello admin i used the google authenticator now i cant do transactions can you help

  • George

    It’s real! I’ve registered. Just want to urge those who are doing well not to remain silence in this forum. I know of many doing well. If you’re from E.Africa Kenya….Migori County contact me on whatsapp 0721842440. So that we share more inof. This is REAL!

  • Fadhili dominick nyenza

    Today i join D9 with gold plus but My sponsor did a mistake insted of activate my account, she activate another account how can i get asistance?

  • zenabel

    those in kenya you can reach me on, D9 is real

  • Dan

    Dear admin

    It has been 18 days since I last set up my withdrawal request. I have not received my funds into the Xapo account. This is beyond the 12 days you advertise here.

    When am I going to receive my withdrawal please.

  • Jimmy

    Does D9 receive payments (VIP) by Skrill or Neteller? Can u provide the account?

  • Savita

    Now I have some US$ from D9. How can I change it to bitcoin.

    Thank you .

  • jane

    Dear admin, the site is not working, could you please enlighten us what has conspired.

  • Gosbert

    Ndugu zangu watanzania kuweni makini sana na hii kitu.

    Nimejaribu kuangalia hakuna mmarekani hata mmoja humu wala muhindi wala mchina. Ni sisi weusi tu na weupe wachache. Kwani hao wamarekani hii fursa hawajaiona? Halafu eti imeanzia Brazil. Brazil na Italia ndio kulikojaa matapeli wa kumwaga.

    Nashauri tusiwekeze pesa nyingi humu. Zaidi sana tuwekeze faida yao wanayotupa tu, ili tukipigwa isile kwetu. yaani kabronze tu kanatosha tusijekulia.

    Watu weusi tumeshapigwa sana na DESI, TelexFree nakadhalika. Tujionee huruma wenyewe. Hawa jamaa wanatulenga sisi tu.

    Ni mawazo yangu tu.

  • Savita

    I’m from Thailand. I have been got usd from you since April. But we couldn’t change it to bit coin. How we can change it to bit coin. Even we use capo but it still don’t work. Could you please help us.

    Thank you

  • Ann

    My friend recommend me about you. So I want to open port with d9 how can I do it? Thank you.

    • Rich Internetwork

      Hey Phylis, You just send me Bitcoin in amount of you want to invest with D9 clube, then i will activate for your account immedietely.
      You can contact me by
      WhatApp +66870103986
      Download Line App then search my id: cryptoman

      We can work together with great offer and caring.
      Rich internetwork

    • Rich Internetwork

      Ann, Please contact WhatApp: +66870103985
      I will explain you how to earn from D9 clube.

  • john hima

    hellow admin, I would like to join D 9, but I’m asking about my money after the expiration of 52-will my money be back to me and withdraw or re-invest for another 52 or it will have been all gone? answer me with truth and professionalism please!

  • Cherishedlove

    Am so interested am a Nigerian how much is the starter pack and D9 bronze in naira also i need a guide as to the registration how do i proceed my registration

  • ben

    hi admin i am a d9 member i downloaded my google autheticator and used it to log into the system and was able to withdraw my money but erroneously the google autheticator was deleted from the phone i was using and now i cannot be able to enter into the system because i need to generate tokens from the same,is there a way of turning it off

  • Juan

    I need help because my account is blocked. I wrote emails to and never receive answers. Who can help me??

    • José

      Juan tu perdiste el dinero te han engañado el d9 es una trampa es el dinero del narcotráfico brasileño lavado con el de toda la gente que entraron con la moneda digital bitcoin.el presidente del d9 ya se fue de Brasil y el d9 se derrumba todas las cuentas fueron cerrada

  • jane

    It means for one to join d9 we should have ksh215000 for gold+without registerition fee

  • Bahati

    resending………..I joined D9 clube like 4 weeks ago, now i have new people want to join under me but asking if the company is offcially regsterd and if so where can we get the proof for the same

  • yvonne

    what about this google authenticator, what if i loose my phone what will i do?

    • Cristhian

      Extravié mi celular y perdí el ingreso al Google Authenticator por eso motivo no puedo acceder al token que me permiten ingresar a mis cuentas. Por favor necesito su colaboración para solucionar este problema. Escribí mensajes de correo electrónico a y no recibí ninguna respuesta. ¿Quién puede ayudarme?


    • You will have to send an email to the support team at
      Make sure you send the message in Portuguese so that they read it first

      Use Google Translate to change your message to Portuguese

  • alexis

    This is another ponzi scheme . which games have you bet and won. Its another pyramid. proof otherwise. new comers pay for the old members. show where you have paid the first people. which sport game

  • denise

    Traders Beware . This scam will be bigger than ever. New Suckers pay for the old suckers to maintain the trend.

  • Gosbert

    Nyie watu ondokeni humo. Msitegemee majibu yoyote ya maana kutoka kwao.

  • Matthew OConnor

    Yes i am in that position. I have 14 gold plus accounts with d9 and lost my phone with my authenticator and for 2 weeks now I have not been able to login to my accounts I have sent various emails with no response I need help urgently please. I reside in Canada, D9 needs to reset my second authentication so I may login but no response has been given.

  • kudo

    My name is kudo. I am a Japanese.
    For me, the remuneration of every week of D9 is pleasure.
    I am a great fan of D9.
    Will you make payment next week?
    Isn’t D9 lost?
    Does D9 continue all the time?

  • Irumva Masasa

    Hello , Admin, I have faced some problems when I need to open my accounts through Google, I don’t get access with it and I tried several times time to login but the still the problem persists, so please assist me to get in through Google account for it is safe and reliable way to use.

  • Irumva Masasa

    I’m from Tanzania, please help me!

  • jojo

    anyone wants to register in d9 plz whatsapp me +255 675030557 or send me an email

    na mlioko tanzania, nna account 5 za gold+ nimejiunga tangu october 2016. mnitafute msiiogope d9 inalipaa

  • Nelson Chwa

    Thanks for every thing,am Nelson from Uganda.I have just known D9 today as i was searching,how do i join and what are the criteria???thank you

    • Rasaki Sikiru

      You can follow the link below for your registration,
      [5/30, 20:52] Engr ‘Abdulrasaq: Click the link below for your registration 👇👇👇👇👇
      [5/30, 20:52] Engr ‘Abdulrasaq:

    • You sign up for a free account using the JOIN NOW button,
      Log into your email and activate your account.

      To get a package that will give a weekly pay, you will have to buy the package from the admin

      Before you make your payment, contact the admin to help you get activated.
      Dont make any payment before that.

  • job

    kwani hii kitu imejaa East Africans? acheni ufala.ingekua ukweli Brazil hakuna mtu angekua anaenda kazi.

  • James

    Admin please,how can I fund My wallet if I want to activate my downline account..please reply me via My email ..please it’s urgent..can I use my domiciliary account to do that,if yes then give me everything in details via email address….

  • Rasaki Sikiru

    Please, I paid Bitcoin since 3 days ago to purchase VIP points, and till now I have not got d points. I sent email , nobody answer me. Also, I paid for two gold , since two days ago, they are not activated. What’s happening

  • John

    It looks like that D9 Club eat and run!!

  • So now the blog is up for sale. Have you guys smelt a rat or what?

    I bet D9 is on its way out. No wonder I have shifted my efforts to i7Group.

  • Jaime

    D9 is done! Do not give them your money you will loose. I repeat do not give d9 any more money they have not paid out since the beginning of April. They are making there last ditch effort to sell you vip points and try to get you to buy bigger packages and made new rules making it so you have to buy vip points to pay your monthly fee instead of taking it out off what they used to pay us they are cashing out and running. That why all the changes making it harder for everyone to collect. If I were you people don’t pay d9 more that what you already have.

  • david

    hello anybody from kenya who can register me kindly email show up

    • Winnfred

      Hi David i can help you register get me on

    • joseph kanyi

      hey David i joined d9 in Feb so far so good. kindly reach me for ant help 0739 574 197

    • Moses

      Hi David contact me on 0712271933 am in Nairobi i can help you register we also have a group where we train new member to avoid error which many people are complaining about

    • Frankiej revealing the truth

      Everyone is like valtures they will make money off of you don’t join and plus you guys that replayed your not getting payed anyways D9 is falling and your just going to scam a poor guy just tell him to run

  • icent

    I do not have a bitcoin but I have a TBC can I also make payment

  • Mathew Chepseba

    I requested for withdrawal of USD. 300 on 22nd May 2017, but until today 05 Jun 2017, My request is still pending.

    What is making it to take too long?

  • please adm give me some directions
    can you help me how to figure it out my google authenticator got deleted from my phone, now i can not log into my account



    • Click my name to view the tutorials that will guide you through the system, including how to withdraw and send money from member to member which is the method we use here in uganda.

      The method we use here in Uganda is member to member where you send the amount you would like to withdraw, putting in mind that the minimum you can send or receive is 300$, once you send the credits from your D9 account to ours, we give you cash to either
      1) bitcoin wallet
      2) mobile money if you are in east africa or nigeria

  • crescensia

    i would like to join, kindly advise on the procedures

      Make your account active by clicking the activation link sent to your email by “”

      Then you must view the training videos to know more about the D9 system, you can do this by clicking my name.
      After viewing the videos on the page, contact the admin so that he/she can receive your payment to activate the package you want as soon as possible.

  • margaret

    I have paypal, how do i connect it to d9 account and to my bank account or how do i transfer money from paypal to d9 account

  • kazu

    Most of Japanese D9 member have not yet received the money that performed expenditures application from April to May…
    It becomes the great problem that is international if the same…

  • josh

    I think it makes sense if the admin finds the solutions to the common problems faced by people who already invested their money. instead of inviting more people and running away through excuses of being out of the support team.. I strongly believe that the admin should take charge now that the support team has totally failed to help.

  • Emily Andrew

    Don’t failed to see the light. Money, powers, fame, and wealth become your title in just three days.
    If interested to join the Illuminati brotherhood headquarters at (U.S.A) Email:(
    call or whats-app agent through this contact…
    +(234) 8036148428.

    For your online initiation.
    No matter where you are. No distance can affect the work of our baphomet.
    Contact us on Viber(+15156087779)

    Do not be deceived and beware of online internet
    fraudsters claiming to be one of us do make sure you
    confirm first before making an inquiries…

  • Mr. Lee

    Hallo Admin, i have heard alot about D9 clube, please some more highlights i need to join
    so as to benefit from the club too. Please use my Email.


    LEE (Uganda)

  • Pamela

    People On This Forum Are Going Through A Lot Of PROBLEMS Which Can Actually Be Solved Therefore Allowing Them To Enjoy The D9 Experience. In Uganda we have a great support system with our CEO and his team and it serves people from the rest Of East Africa and beyond. We even have WhatsApp group support. There is training at our d9 offices in Uganda to avoid any possible mistakes which might disorganise you. Danilo will be visiting Uganda on 9th July. If you want to join D9 and enjoy it amidst all its challenges which our CEO always assures us are being solved (and they are) email me at

  • Milton Torres

    I have $472 in VIP Funds for Sale

  • Kyeyune Dave

    how do you reverse a withdraw which has been cancelled

  • Matthew

    Normally how long does it to to withdraw money out of d9? I requested a withdraw june 6th 2017 todays date is the 22nd and still nothing is this the normal wait time?

  • Patrick Richard

    My people i bring to you good news, and this is my joy and happiness. people say To become a member of the illuminati is a very difficult task. but i bring to your notice that to become a bonafide member of the brotherhood have been made very easy. sometime ago i was just eager to become a member, and i meant so many persons who never showed me the right way. few months ago i saw so many people testifying of how agent Gerald Ford linked them up, and they become a complete member of the brotherhood. so i decided to contact Agent Gerald Ford who gave me the right link to become a member. i followed all the steps, and today i am a proud member of the brotherhood of Illuminati. so i want you all to help me say a big thanks to agent Gerald Ford. In case you have been aspiring to become a member of the brotherhood, and you have not meet the right person before now, i want to tell you to quickly contact the right Illuminati agent now. he is no other person than Agent Gerald Ford. the mission of the brotherhood now is to wipe away suffering and hardship away from the life of all. so if you are a business man/woman, an artist, a pastor, a working class, and do you want wealth,fame,protection,long life, prosperity just name it just as i have now, the illuminati is ready to help you achieve your agent Gerald Ford on the illuminati email: and become a legitimate member, join us today and become rich, powerful, famous all your life.

  • frankiej

    this whole D9 is a scam they are not paying anyone everyone is still waiting for there payments how can they blame a system that isn’t able to pay but it is able to charge people and rob them of there money. they stop paying people for months so DO NOT SIGN ANYONE UP FOR YOUR SAKE THIS SYSTEM IS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE NO ONE SIGN UP IT IS A BIG BIG BIG BIG SCAM

    • Anthony Soblessed Godspower

      You don’t seem to understand D9. However you said its too good to be true.
      D9 is paying and people are happy they joined D9. The Nigeria D9 Launch comes up on the 6/7/17 in Lagos Nigeria.
      D9 is rocking the globe.
      If you still have not join, follow this like and chose a package that will rake money to you weekly You will thank me later. Every member of our team is happy today because we shared d9 opportunity with them. You can follow my guide and you will be happy in few weeks its very guaranteed

      • Frankiej

        I do seem to understand D9 isn’t paying anyone that’s not hard to understand. Have you received payment????? better yet tell everyone when was your last time you received payment???? And when I mean payment I am talking about how much you have gotten in your bank account or in your hands????? I am not talking about bitcoin payments on Monday from d9 bc that is virtual money that doesn’t exists and doesn’t really mean anything if it’s not in your account or in your hands when did you last reciveve money from D9 and is in your account?????. Not your sponsor but how much have you gotten yourself from d9????????? Nothing right NO one in Nigeria is getting payed, stop lying to the world. What’s the point of you lying your not getting anything from it

  • Admin,is D nine club associated with devoworshipers

  • Geoffrey

    I’m having signin in problems plus validation..
    Who to consult ? I’m in Tanzania. But I just can’t get useful information to help me through. Any help or advice pls.
    Reply here with ur details I will check you.

  • dan jerry

    Welcome to brotherhood Illuminati where you can become
    rich famous and popular and your life story we be change
    totally my name is Dan Jerry I am here to share my
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    each day I share tears, I was just looking out my family no
    money to take care of them until one day I decided to join
    the great Illuminati , I come across them in the internet I
    never believe I said let me try I email them.all what they
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    sum of $1,200,000 and many thing. through the Illuminati I
    was able to become rich, and have many industry on my
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    me and my family is living happily and I am the most
    happiest man here is the opportunity for you to join the
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    • Ben jerry

      This is killiuminati representing here, I a rich and famous I am well known through all parts of the world. If you want to join the movement of destroying the illuminati then join me you can reach me at +2348106618681 or email me at killiminate brotherpowerful&

  • Angela

    RUN RUN RUN this is a scheme, they are NOT PAYING they’re just taking your money, these so call affiliates are thieves. IT IS NOT A LEGIT company no matter what they say. You will loose your money, Im just trying to help anyone who has doubts. If a friend is trying to get you to sign up ask them where are they getting the money from and what bank.

    • Frankiej

      Yes Angela let’s start a movement and tell everyone that this is a scam…. let’s go on every webpage about d9 and save people from being robbed. D9 is a scam

  • ben

    This is the current one. proved and paying. payment processors by skrill, payza etc. Feel free to join

  • This is the end result my people cut your loses we are not getting our money. It’s pointless at this point we are not getting our money back. They truly scammed all of us and let’s not fall for it again. All we can do is learn from experience and let everyone know not to join these scams or clubs. That’s all we can do is start a movement against Danilo Santana and all his people. We have to spread the word on every site that has D9 clube mentioned or Danilo Santana’s name or any of his alliliates and name them scam artist and fake business they are robbers and stealers of poor people. You never want to rob from a poor person Beause we are true working hard honest people and robbing from the poor is the biggest sin in life. All I know is god will have justice on those crooks and danilo Santana and his family and his affiliates will pay for everything

  • This blog is fixed I posted a lot of truth about the company and they are deleting it

  • They are not paying I posted lot of the truth and they are deleting every single bit of it


    anyone in need of VIP kindly mail me at

  • erastus

    The weekly monday pay has not been credited admin kindly respond

  • raymond

    hi so i cant access my account because i deleted my google authenticator app and it still keeps asking for the code which i do not have.. how can i go about this?..i know you are not D9 but do you have a way i can contact themfor further assisstance?

  • Pally

    Good people, did anyone get his/her withdrawals ever since the start of June 2017? I made a request on the 19th June 2017 but I did not get money in my Bitcoin wallet.

    What is going on? Is this a scam as was bee said or what?

  • Agaba

    Hey ADMIN, i am finding a problem activating someone. could you know the problem?

  • songe matte

    Olá d9 equipa de suporte. Meus nomes são Songe id nº 001036992 fosco com e-mail meu telefone nº 256787016850. Eu tenho 7 comerciante gold plus contas. Infelizmente meu telefone tendo em google autenticador caiu no wc há cerca de 4 horas. Tenho falha ao efetuar login em minhas contas porque eu preciso google autenticador. Por faz me ajude
    meu nomes de usuário para as 7 contas são Songs76, songe76,songee76,jewel08,Jordan10,Nandiphamatte, gigi78

  • Mehdi A Satter

    Just to let you know I live in the USA and last three months I cannot withdraw any money from my account, I was told by my mentor that D9 was changing processors of their computer. But so far I understand as a Computer System Engineer that changing processors wouldn’t take 2/3 months. Again, every Monday there was $670.00 deposit on my account. Today is Tuesday, but I don’t see any deposit there. I really don’t know what is going on. Please let me know what is the matter. I would deeply appreciate that. Thank you. Mehdi

  • Medards

    I would like some one to explain to me the payments derived from a VIP account. Is It true that u get 340points in standard plus 340 in VIP points every week?

  • Pipo, whats D9? do you any other investment online company that is real or all are just scams?

  • Hi. I am selling D9B Balance of $744. Anyone needing them? Thanks. I am based in kenya… It would be easier if someone from the same country…

  • To those in D9. If you are struggling to SELL/BUY eMoney/VIP points or wish to sell off your D9 account and move on, then read this informative article here.

    You will be surprised at how easily to can get you cash out of D9 clube.

  • JEFF

    i need Help please i have an account which doesn’t accept registering someone under it;

    Username; mackisense25

    kindly check it out and get back to me please

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