Last News from Danilo Santana

Danilo apologizes to everyone and says that at this time d9 finds it in great difficulty! He says that we all know that there are investigations against d9 it is against who worked in d9 offices … for this reason they are more than 15 days that Danilo has no contact with the support and TI. This created a total

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IMPORTANT AUDIO OF DANILO SANTANA: Hello to you entrepreneurs and leaders, I wish you a great week. This time I also asked Danilo Santana to withdraw / withdraw and I would like to receive this request for WITHDRAWAL. Overnight, more than 35,000 people were connected to the system. We are very happy with the results that come to us, in

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Pre-registration on Betcoinclub


For those who are interested, pre-registrations are open at Betcoin club. It will be released this page for about 10 days and This Pre Entry is used to test the system !! After making the pre-registrations, the Betcoin Site will be released for people who have pre-inscribed, and a DEMO BALANCE will be released to be familiar with the

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Danilo Santana investigated by Police


Today we have learned from the news of the State of Bahia native to Danilo and where it has legal headquarters D9 which has been executed by judicial guardianship due to various complaints brought to justice, stating that they are investigating and that there are no arrest measures and this in Part consoles us and makes us well hope not

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