D9 Clube Important News and Update


Just a very important meeting ended to define various aspects to improve the present and future of D9 Clube.
Danilo Santana Present at Honk Kong with Big Characters and also the TOP Leader of D9 Clube.
From the Meeting our UpLines report us good news for Fluidity in Payments and a Great Future.
Within the next week all payments will be made in order and should normalize …..
Other news will let us know as soon as possible …..




  • Johnsmoke

    Just loving what i see

  • tommy_kobay

    Japan and Brazil have a friendly relationship from long ago.
    We believe in “D9 Club”.
    Please take appropriate measures.


  • dwayne

    can i do withdrawals on Monday coz im experiencing delays

  • pongdej

    Can I confirmed that we already withdraw last month ,so Can we receive bitcoin within this week?

  • my friend in the UK is experiencing over 16 days delay on withdrawal to bitcoin, is there some explanation?

  • Hello,

    I am a Gold+ D9clube Trader in Nigeria.

    For 7 days My 2 accounts trailblazer2 & Trailblazer3 virtual office are not opening .
    The google authenticator is very bad not allowing me.No barcode.
    I cannot sponsor or run my d9clube business .
    Please open my virtual office.

    • SEMEO NESTORY JOHN (semeo84 and semeo85)

      I am a Gold+ member but my mobile phone has been restored factory and google authenticator for d9 club has disappeared. How can I restore again

  • Dan

    D9 is a Good system.

    Can you please have calling Centers to help resolve issues.

    It has been 19 days since I set up a withdraw on the 1/05/17.

    How long can I wait for my funds to reach my Xapo account?

  • jane

    How comes the site is not working as of today?

  • Seyvan Floribert

    Good to hear That. Good work you are doing. Be blessed.


    d9 is not paying funds to xapo if it collapsed dont feel shy lets us know…i know next thing will be shutting down the d9 website in the coming weeks

  • Frantz

    What’s going on with D9 ??????

  • felly

    Why are not paying us guys? Any problem? Please be frank.

  • Hello D9 admin. I am Ahumuza Barungi from Uganda managing 8 gold + Accounts in D9 as Apollo Barungi (My father). I joined about a month ago on 8 June. The system keeps giving me money on Monday as agreed but when I send it Xapo I get nothing and it is removed from my d9 accounts. Am so frustrated. I thought the system would be legit but am starting to have my doubts. Help me understand what is going on people in my country can not really tell us the truth. Than you.

  • Deo

    Do you wann cheat us? That won’t be fair.

  • When the d9 system will be ok? Means that when it willl allow us to withdraw our money?

  • Alex Marie

    where are you with a promised new plan and platform payments method?
    We are on July,2017 and we already have waiting soo long your promises. Please get back to us. To loose D9′ investment will be our very disaster in our lifetime history.

  • José

    Danilo de fue un corrupto menos un ladrón menos.viva Brasil

  • Ashiuma W G

    Dear Admin,
    Am a member of D9 who has been in business for one month now. I appreciate the fact that, D9 is in the process of upgrading their system in order to offer efficient service to its customers/ clients. In this regard, I humbly request that, we be updated appropriately on a regular basis on the progress of the updates. I also have a feeling that, for the smooth running of the business, I suggest D9 could have come up with an alternative method of continuing with service provision while upgrading is going on in the background,so that, the moment the upgrade is complete and fully tested and operational, that’s when transition can take place smoothly.
    During a time like now, when system upgrade is going on, there is a likelihood of some data getting lost, what measures have been put in place to safeguard this? I hope there is a back up of the data in safe custody? Please shed light on this

  • Eguma james

    Am eguma james from am afraid of the changes going on with d9 i dont thing there future with d 9 clube.

    • Natureman

      Good morning, I want to know if D9 is now paying Bitcoin wallet without delay, we need evidence of withdrawal from anyone who has withdrawn from D9 to his or her bitcoin wallet, please let us know if we can withdraw from our d9 to our bitcoin wallet without delay thanks

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